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The Year of Blood comes to its glorious close at a time of rebirth and new promises: a time of resolving to be a better, more fulfilled person, and to do a better job hiding the bodies in the year to come. Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for coming along! Oh my god, guys, […]

Who’d have thought it would take three direct-to-video sequels to get the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise back to its roots? Not psychopaths dressed as Santa: that playfully tawdry premise had run itself out with the first movie, and wasn’t coming back, because that might result in some kind of decent horror picture, and there […]

After three movies, the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise had apparently exhausted itself – in point of fact, it had done so after the first Silent Night, Deadly Night, but it took people a couple of horribly misjudged sequels to figure that out – because 1990’s Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation found the series […]

With 1989’s Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!, the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise made a jump that was not uncommon for horror around the start of the ’90s: onto VHS. Usually, the shift in a series from theatrical releases, even very trifling, meaningless ones, over to direct-to-video productions is the clearest sign […]

In an ironic twist that could only be seen coming by everybody, the film with the extravagantly notorious reputation – the film that was protested right out of theaters in one of the few times such a trick actually worked for the morally outraged protestors – ended up generating so much interest that, instead of […]

Christmas! The bloodiest, most vicious holiday of them all! Or at least that is what the preponderance of yuletide horror pictures would have you believe. Clearly, I cannot let such an important day for death and destruction go by with just a single review, and thus I no a launch a full week with the […]

My dear readers, who stick with me through all the weird, nasty, stupid places I take this blog, can any of you think of a better way to mark my 31st birthday than with an unnecessarily long Canadian slasher movie that also turned 31 this year? Of course you cannot, because there is NO BETTER […]

Today we give thanks – for health, family, friends, for having great readers who follow me into all these wretched dark alleys, and for not being murdered by a hells-ugly hand puppet. Let’s be blunt: ThanksKilling – I am assured that the capital “K” is accurate – is basically outsider art. Shot in 2007, but […]

At last, the Year of Blood takes us to the scariest night of the year, when witches and ghouls and ghosts and all manner of terrifying things take to ground, listening to their heavy metal music. Or, um, something. P.S. No, it’s not Halloween anymore, but on Halloween itself, my internet was trying to die. […]

It’s been a long time since the week after Labor Day was the customary beginning of the school year in most districts, but it still seemed like the best time for a “Back to School” horror film. Of which, shockingly, there are virtually none, despite it seeming like a patently obvious setting for a slasher […]

There is, to my knowledge, only one film specifically and pointedly themed to U.S. Independence Day, and I have already reviewed it. That leaves us with the many, many creature films that take place over the holiday, and I have chosen today’s subject both because it is among the earliest, and because it also has […]

Once again, I must beg your pardon: my Father’s Day entry in the Year of Blood is behind schedule, because sometimes you get the DVD when you need it, and sometimes you do not. Regardless, here we are with a tribute to all that makes dads what they are: psychotic authoritarians whose desire to wreak […]