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Index of episode reviews Episode 1 – “Enter Lil’ Slugger” Episode 2 – “The Golden Shoes” Episode 3 – “Double Lips” Episode 4 – “A Man’s Path” Episode 5 – “The Holy Warrior” Episode 6 – “Fear of a Direct Hit” Episode 7 – “MHz” Episode 8 – “Happy Family Planning” Episode 9 – “ETC” […]

The reception of anime in the West has followed a torturous path: in the ’60s, it was a cheap source of awful children’s programming; in the ’80s, it was an underground font of bent sexuality and hyper-stylised violence; in the ’00s it had firmly entrenched itself as, if not a mainstream form of cinematic entertainment, […]

I’m not really up on anime as much as I probably should be, and that is why I’ve never seen Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, or the other films that comprise Kon Satoshi’s body of work. Having now seen Paprika, his fifth project as director, I’m prepared to admit that this was inexcusably short-sighted of me. […]