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This review is based upon the “Despecialized Edition” prepared by fan editor Harmy, something akin to the original 1980 version. Or, an original version, anyway; this film appeared in multiple cuts even during its initial release. Has any movie sequel ever had such widespread impossible expectations as The Empire Strikes Back? Has any movie sequel […]

The focus of this review being its subject’s position in the context of filmmaking in 1977, it is not based upon the series of “Special Edition” re-releases in theaters and on home video that have routinely happened since 1997. Instead, I take as my source material the “Despecialized Edition” reconstruction by fan editor Harmy of […]

Although Star Wars: The Clone Wars was born to be a whipping boy, I’d like to suggest that it’s not wholly without merit; it has a certain honesty about its intentions to be nothing of any particular importance, and damned if it doesn’t meet that goal. Besides which, it provides a solid argument that a […]