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Michael Angelo Covino’s ‘The Climb’ premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

We sat down with the full cast of ‘The Climb’, including Gayle Rankin and Kyle Marvin (well, I guess we were standing, but whatever). We chatted about everything you should love about this film.  It was our first interview at Sundance and so our nerves were through the roof.  We cut the tension by offering a group shot of Jägermeister… at 10am.  As it turns out, we proved what we always knew to be true. Everybody hates Jäger.  About 30 seconds into the interview, our nerves were eased after realizing that this Michael, Gayle and Kyle were incredibly sweet, funny and charming and so easy to chat with.

The best part about The Climb really is the chemistry of the cast.  You will see their energy come across in this interview. Have we gotten you excited to see The Climb when it comes out in March 2020? We hope so!

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