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Bombardier Blood follows the journey of man with a severe bleeding disorder, determined to summit the world’s highest 7 mountains

[Interview with Chris Bombardier and documentarian Patrick James Lynch]

Chris Bombardier talks about the motivation behind risking his life in the making of Bombardier Blood, how his family supported him and how he continues to redefine his mission. Documentarian  Patrick James Lynch, shares his own life experience that moved him to dedicating his film career to giving a voice to the unheard.

Before the Bombardier Blood interview:

Rob and I talk a lot about what we admire in people and what we can do to emulate those qualities.  We also spend a lot of time talking about the best way to spend our own short time on this planet (mostly because of my intense anxiety about dying, without having accomplished anything of real value to the world, but I digress). In every conversation, despite the conversational tangents about website content and podcast topics, the root of what brings us the most happiness is in the moments we feel like we’ve made somebodies day, just a little bit better.  When we hear your stories about how the podcast got you through a rough patch or that Tim’s movie reviews bring you a sense of community, that really matters to us.

I’ll admit though, we struggle with not feeling like we’re doing enough.  We talk about leaving our secure jobs and instead going to work for a non-profit or moving to Africa and digging wells for water.  But we to be honest, it’s hard to take those risks. It’s scary to lose security and so, we continue to just admire.

Leading up to the interview: 

Needless to say, we felt quite a bit of pressure sitting down with two people who are so wholly living in a way that serves the world for better.  Two people who have taken their obstacle, and instead made it a job and a mission.  Two people we truly admire.

Bombardier Blood

Chris Meeting with Nepal Hemophilia Community

Chris Bombardier is the first person with hemophilia to climb the Seven Summits, to raise awareness of the disparity in treatment for those with bleeding disorders in developing countries.  He is the executive director at Save One Life, an international nonprofit that assists people with hemophilia, where care is limited.  Then, Chris reaches out to award-winning filmmaker and global health advocate Patrick Lynch and their connection is instant.  Patrick also lives with hemophilia and spends much of his professional career advocating for many important causes.  Their mutual passions were the perfect mix to bring Bombardier Blood to life.

Bombardier Blood

Chris Infusing with Guide Ryan Waters at Base Camp

Bombardier Blood

Chris on Summit with Save One Life Flag

During the interview:

I had one question that was really important for me to ask.  I wasn’t exactly sure how it would come off, but I needed to know.

Was becoming the first person to climb to the top of 6 giant mountains and then traveling to and summiting Mount Everest over the course of 50+ days, whilst infusing their blood with clotting medication enough?

The pursuit of success and meaning and purpose is such a tricky thing and I needed to know if me (probably getting trapped on the side of a mountain and Rob having to send a rescue team) accomplishing an amazing physical feat would somehow bring that desired sense of success and completionism.

We hope you enjoy Chris and Patrick as much as we did. Check out the trailer for Bombardier Blood and find it on streaming now!