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Sean Ellis came to us from his closet and admitted he hadn’t brushed his hair.  We commiserated, but truth be told, we don’t usually brush our hair and still did for this interview.  I hadn’t heard of his name before Sundance this year.  However, Ellis proactively offered that his preference is to not have his name known, so the film’s success is marked by the story and its characters.  You might know him best from his films Metro Manila or Anthropoid, but if you like those films, I’ll take your word for it.

Sean Ellis on his approach to making a solid horror film

I was very clear that most directors fail me when it comes to making a good monster.  They’re usually not real enough, you know, like monsters should be.  Sean Ellis offers such an interesting approach to creating the world in Eight For Silver, telling us that it was important the film could stand up and still have a solid story in the absence of the monstrous villain.

Sean Ellis directing Eight For Silver

Of course, after 15 minutes with Sean Ellis, Rob has once again decided that he thinks he could make a movie.  “It seems pretty straightforward” after the brief summation of steps the Ellis went through over the course of 9 months to bring Eight For Silver to life.  God help me.

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