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You know Alistair Petrie as the consummate “bad guy” from General Draven in Rogue One to Lord Adam Glaren in Hellboy.  But I now know Alistair Petrie as the charming Englishman who was able to somehow navigate my awkward interview style, of not actually asking a question and somehow being able to articulate a lovely response.

Alistair Petrie’s role in Eight For Silver 

True to form, Petrie is playing kind of a jerk-hole.  Normally, I wouldn’t be quite so blunt, but Petrie says it first, so I’ll follow suit.  He’s the patriarch of a young family in 19th century France.  He’s doing his best to protect his family, though it’s at the expense of destroying the lives of others. Pretty relevant, right? Petrie attempts to defend his behavior a bit (only a tiny bit) but as far as I’m concerned, Seamus Laurent will forever live on my “bad guy” list.  All that said, Alistair Petrie delivers with a solid performance in his most recent role and I think you’ll agree when Eight For Silver gets its release.

Alistair Petrie in Eight For Silver

If you listened to our Eight For Silver podcast episode, you probably caught our little technical snafu.  The short story is,  Rob’s ZOOM dropped, immediately after catching Petrie off-guard, asking about his foundation Borne. Petrie is particularly passionate about its mission, given his personal experience with premature birth and miscarriage.  I did manage to jump in and say “something” for 60 seconds.  I assumed it was caught on video, but alas that was lost too.  Rest assured knowing it was horrifying and please forgive us for the abrupt end to our chat.

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