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I love my kids.  Though, between you and me, I also really loved my life before kids too.  I’ve definitely sunken into all of the parenting cliches of glueing finger paintings all over my house, seeing my friends almost never and saying things like “because I said so” a million times a day.  The thing is, I swear used to be fun.  I never missed a party (like never ever, actually, I probably should have skipped a few). I traveled, hiked, biked, spiked… I was in a band for Godsakes!  But having kids is like a constant battle, waged on your sense of self, and they usually win.  I said I love my kids, right?

The thing about Yes Day

I don’t think it’s a film for everybody.  In fact, I know Tim is going to want to claw his ear drums out (edited to add: he sure did!).  But the thing about Yes Day is that I feel seen. Miguel Arteta and the writing team know me.  They know that I used to be fun.  They know that I thought I was going to be the “fun parent.” They know I can’t be because my husband is made of unset pudding and can’t bear to tell the kids “no”.  They know that I’m the one that understands the importance of not wasting food.  They know that I’m doing the right thing when I don’t help them clean up all of their messes.  They know that most of the time I feel like a terrible Mom, because trying to raise good humans sometimes means “saying no.” **Deep inhales**

Yes Day family

Talking with Miguel Arteta

I know I say this all the time, but gosh, what a nice guy. Miguel Arteta is a Puerto Rican director known for his independent film Chuck & Buck , The Good Girl and Like a Boss. It seems like directors are always so relieved when we love their movies.  There was an audible weight lifted as we shared that our whole family gave Yes Day a big thumbs up.  It’s been hard for us to find family films that all of four of us connect with, so lately we’ve defaulted to some of the classics (DON’T re-watch The Mighty Ducks, DO re-watch Jumanji).

Miguel Arteta

We hope you enjoy hearing more about Yes Day, from Miguel Arteta.

Yes Day is available on streaming March 12, 2021!


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