Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

To help fill the void in your weekly listening, Carrie and Rob are bringing you Weeklies – a review of the last 7-days of movie news…with a twist! Rob has gathered all the 10 best pieces of movie newsier Carrie to pick her Top 5.

  1. Midsommar Therapy Sessions: Article Link, Video Link
  2. Casting News for The Batman: Article Link
  3. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Christmas Movie: Article Link
  4. Movie Trailer Survey: Article Link
  5. Princess Bride Remake: Article Link
  6. Moviepass Alive: Article Link
  7. Fear the Joker: Article Link
  8. Jurassic World 3 Casting and Movie Short: Article Link, Movie Short Link
  9. Jason Bateman Directing Clue: Article Link
  10. Will Smith as a Bad Guy: Article Link

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