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The Oscars are over and I think we can say a collective “well, that was weird”.  The location, the speeches, the music trivia?  On this 93rd Academy Awards dedicated episode we cover all of our Oscars 2021 reactions.  We take a look at the best and worst moments, out thoughts on the upsets and the usual end to the whole affair.  To be fair, it’s not all bad.  In fact, we find a whole handful of things that we really enjoyed.  Most notably, it seems highly probable that somebody phoned in the 75+ humor troop, but I digress.

I should mention that there is a glaring miss on talking about the best dressed, so to be clear it was of course Viola Davis. **sizzle**

Oscars 2021 Viola Davis

I would be remiss not to mention the Oscar Predictions contest! The rankings among us came in where you might expect, but with Tim bringing in 17 correct predictions that left Rob and I only 2-3 behind!  That said, there are wiser (or better guessing) humans amongst us, so with a 19 correct answers, we announce the winner(s) of the 2021 Oscar Prediction Contest!  Thanks for playing along with us!

In worth mentioning, we share our thoughts on the newest installment of Mortal Kombat and it’s own highs and lows. Tim brings his “I’m not going to commit that it’s the best film of the year, but I think it’s probably the film of the year” pick with Twentieth Century.

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