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With Escape Room Tournament of Champions hitting theaters this week, we decided to mix it this episode up a bit.  You see, your respective hosts each have an unfounded confidence that they are, in fact, the most talented Escape Room-ers, that probably ever existed.  I say this because, JUST last weekend, the AE crew traveled to Escape in Time – Madison to test our wits in their new Cryosleep room.

The short story is, we only used one clue and made it out of the room with 20 whole minutes to spare and basically we all think we own the place now. That said, the experience left us with lots of questions.

Rob: “How much of the experience is automated vs. managed by the Gamemaster’s manual control?”

Carrie: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the hidden cameras?”

Tim: “Do you give discounts for superior human beings, who are able to navigate complicated clues more quickly than anybody you’ve ever seen?”

So for this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Sara and Cheris the owner and Gamemaster at Escape in Time – Madison, to find out from the experts how Escape Room Tournament of Champions stacks up AND to ask the obvious question “which of us really was the best player”?

Note: this is an “Spoiler Free” episode, but expect a series of grunts and moans and “mmmhmmmms” as we try to have a knowing conversation, void of explaining any of the twists.

In worth mentioning, Carrie and Tim commiserate on Black Widow, Rob takes on the task or reviewing Space Jam: A New Legacy and Tim reviews the new Nic Cage flick, Pig (which he kind of loved, to the surprise of nobody).

Tune in and we hope you enjoy this fun episode!


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