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I Used To Go Here is deeply personal for anybody who has struggled with defining and redefining their personal success

[Interview with director Kris Rey]

Director Kris Rey talks about her own life experiences that inspired the events of her most recent feature film, I Used To Go Here. Kris talks about how she wrangled the all-star cast of Gillian Jacobs and Jemaine Clement and what it’s like to promote a film during a pandemic.

You know when you watch a movie and you can just tell that the mind behind it, is super cool?  I Used To Go Here is smart and funny and relatable, in sort of an unnerving way.  We could tell right out of the gate that Kris Rey was going to be so much hipper than us.  To level the playing field a bit, I took extensive notes titled “Carrie’s list of uncool things to not say.”  I also wore a dress from my Grandma’s funeral last year to add balance my enthusiasm, that can sometimes be hard for me to contain.

All of these things seem silly now.  Kris was just so pleasant and approachable, albeit still WAY out of our league on the cool-scale.

I Used to Go Here

Writer/Director Kris Rey on set


I Used to Go Here

Kris Rey and Gillian Jacobs being fabulous

A bit about the movie:

Following the launch of her new novel, 35-year-old writer Kate (Gillian Jacobs, most known for her role in Life of the Party ) is invited to speak at her alma matter by her former professor David (played by Jemaine Clement). After accepting the invitation, Kate finds herself deeply engrained in the lives of a group of super fun college students.  The film is about navigating the complexities of finding and embracing success.

I Used to Go Here

Gillian Jacobs in ‘I Used to Go Here’

It’s an empathy trip to be sure for anybody who is a bit (or a lot) removed from their wild college days.  Beyond that, the movie explores how we seek adoration and the physical/emotional trap that can be.  What we loved was the character arch, of finding empowerment in whatever way serves you best.

I Used to Go Here

Jemaine Clement claims he was receiving direction to “try it again but with even more acting” whilst working on set

We hope you enjoy listening to Kris Rey as much as we did.  I Used to Go Here is available August 7th on Amazon and iTunes.  


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