As thanks for the recent wave of support for our fundraiser, we recently released a sneak peek of our podcast schedule for may to go along with our special video. Just another perk for being a Patreon member! Keep checking back as we'll be adding new content throughout the week.

We've received $313/month from our Patreons, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Just another $87 to go till we hit our goal of Keeping the lights on!

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Hi everybody!

We're taking a two-week vacation from podcasting, and getting warmed up for the upcoming summer movie season. While you wait for more of our ongoing adventures in movie watching, we hope you don't mind if we spend a few days on a little fundraiser.

See, as much as we love talking and writing about movies just for the sake of it, the fact is that Alternate Ending doesn't come free. Not to mention, we have several new features we want to add to the site, but we can't do that as long as we have to keep up with the monthly bills just to keep things running.

We understand that nobody has enough cash to spare, but if you could afford as little as $1 per month as a Patreon subscriber, it would go a long way to helping ease the pressure. Not to mention, any regular contribution you make lets you access our subscriber-only content, including mini-Spoiler Alerts, Tim making a damn fool of himself while recording, and other fun bits and pieces.

What's that, you're asking? Where is the money going? Glad you asked. We have several goals in mind for the next week:

$400/mo: Keep the lights on
If we hit this level, the site is self-sufficient on a month-by-month basis, which frees us up to keep producing the content you already know and love without worrying if poor Robert and Carrie's children will be able to attend college some day.

$500/mo: Member's Corner
If we hit this level, we're going to add a special section to the front page of the site, with all of the content we talked about above, and maybe some special essays once or twice a month from each of us.

$600/mo: New contributors
We'd love to add some new voices to write essays that aren't just movie reviews, but we don't believe in free labor. If we're going to have new contributors come onboard, we want to be able to pay them at least something for their time and effort. This gives us enough to get started; of course, the higher it goes, the more people we can bring on!

$800/mo: Video essays
It's 2018, and we've overdue for our pivot to video. Tim is already hoping to make the occasional video for the site once his life gets less busy - so give it another four or five years - but this would help out a lot to make that process easier.

We're already making $262/month from our current Patreon subscribers, so we're well on the way to the first goal, but every little bit helps! And don't forget, if you feel like chipping in more than a dollar or three, we still have plenty of bonuses available for anyone who commits to a higher monthly contribution, as seen on our Patreon page.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you continue to make Alternate Ending your home for movie reviews & podcasts!