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Watch Carrie and Rob’s The Good Liar movie review right here. The film features the ageless pair of Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Hellen Mirren as a career con man and recently widowed millionaire, respectively. Though McKellan’s Roy intends to take everything Mirran’s Betty for everything she’s worth, there’s no end to the turns in this story and the stakes only get higher in their first on-screen appearance together. Little known fact: though they never appeared on-screen together before The Good Liar, they have appeared on stage before, most notably in 2001 when the pair starred in the play Dance of Death on Broadway.

The Good Liar is based on the Nicholas Searle debut novel of the same name and is directed by Bill Condon, whose features include Beauty and the Beast and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 and 2.

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