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A bit about composer Gavin Brivik

It was a pleasure to sit down with the mind behind the film score of Wild Indian Gavin Brivik.  The candid conversation flowed easily and could have probably continued for a few more hours.  Brivik is a composer best known for his work on the Netflix original series Living Undocumented (2019), the 90th Academy Award Nominated film My Nephew Emmett (2018) and the Blumhouse/Netflix Original film Cam (2018).

Gavin Brivik Composer

We talk about breaking into the industry, hitching your cart the “right horse” and how sometimes you have to place bets on yourself and a film to get your foot in the door into Hollywood.  Albeit for many of these up-and-coming score designers, the cart has no wheels and the the bets are free.

Wild Indian made it’s debut at Sundance 2021

Wild Indian stars Makwa (Michael Greyeyes), a young Anishinaabe boy, is dealing with two pretty terrible parents..  He’s abused, he’s neglected and all of the trauma pours over into his mental health.  He and his only friend, Ted-O, like to escape by playing in the woods, until the day Makwa murders a schoolmate.  It’s a shocking and unexpected moment that leaves you considering whether to blame nature or nurture.  After covering up the crime, the two boys go on to live very different lives. Now, as adult men, we see these two different paths converge and the outcome is once again, unsettling.  Makwa has become professionally powerful but has not shed the ghosts from his past.  Makwa is juggling the married man life with his wife (Kate Bosworth), his executive life where we meet his eager employee (Jesse Eisenberg) and his sociopathic/creeper life.  Talk about a lot going on.

Wild Indian Movie

Wild Indian hasn’t been picked up for release yet, but in the meantime, enjoy Gavin Brivik’s work!


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