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Our Boyd Holbrook interview was the first of three interviews and his mellow Kentucky disposition put us right at ease. Holbrook was funny, casual and as you probably can guess, my favorite parts of the conversation are when we deviate from talking about movies. So, in particular, I really enjoyed talking about family, kids and juggling all of that – on top of a career in film. Most of all, I was pleased to find out that our approach to shoe shopping was one-in-the-same, albeit for VERY different reasons.

Boyd Holbrook in Eight for Silver

I could faintly hear his 3 year old in the background and I desperately wanted the little guy to pop-in, because kids on ZOOM spark my joy. Ironically, if my own kids had abandoned Croods 2 and popped in, I’m sure everybody would have seen my scary-Mommy face (which might be right up there with the monster reveal in Eight For Silver).

We also spent some time talking about the importance of having a really confident director. Sean Ellis provides enough leeway for Holbrook to own his own character but brought enough structure to shape the world and atmosphere, to make it feel real.

We treaded lightly, but it’s fun to note that across all of our Eight For Silver interviews we asked about Holbrook’s accent. Originally, we just wanted to call out that it was a pretty spot-on English accent, but it turns out he stayed in character through out the entire shoot, which is why he was able to summon it so easily during our chat. Impressive.

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