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I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW, how I missed A Nightmare on Elm Street.  My parents weren’t outwardly strict, but they sort of managed our exposures by just not having certain things available, I’d say.  Like, they didn’t say we couldn’t drink pop, but my Mom didn’t buy it.  Similarly, they didn’t say “you can’t watch Freddy Krueger getting his face peeled off” but they didn’t keep the VHS just lying around.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – my first reaction

My Top 5 biggest “holy crap” moments:

(1) Johnny Depp is in this?!
(2) The bathtub scene (holy mother of god)
(3) The Tongue coming out of the phone (barf)
(4) The Face Peel
(5) The Johnny Depp Death (are there really that many ounces of blood in your body?!)

If I’m being honest, did I think Freddy Krueger was scary?  I actually did.  I really, really did.  The kill scenes and practical effects were especially jarring for me and Robert Englund is really masterful as a murderous burn victim.      The idea that something you fundamentally need to do to stay alive, like sleep, is also the action that kills you, is such a perfect dichotomy. Not to mention, all the props to Charles Bernstein, who by all accounts is the crap-your-pants master (I think he would appreciate that compliment). The score alone sends chills up my spine.

If you’re a part of our Patreon community, we were also graced with the opportunity, in our October Movie Club, to check out and do a live QA for A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, which proved to be disappointing in more ways than one.

But you tell me, what’s your favorite A Nightmare on Elm Street and which ones should I still see?