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To help fill the void in your weekly listening, Carrie and Rob are bringing you Weeklies – a review of the last 7-days of movie new…with a twist! Rob has gathered all the 10 best pieces of movie news and Carrie will only be able to pick 5

  1. ‘The Batman’: Paul Dano to Play The Riddler
  2. Live-Action ‘Barney’ Movie Coming from Producer Daniel Kaluuya
  3. Blumhouse’s ‘The Craft’ Remake On the Way with David Duchovny (Du-coven-y)
  4. Ryan Reynolds & John Krasinski Teaming Up for Fantasy Comedy ‘Imaginary Friends’
  5. Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel; Here’s What It Means
  6. New ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Trailer Further Reveals Disney’s Doggo Remake
  7. First ‘Dolittle’ Trailer Finds Robert Downey Jr. Walkin’ & Talkin’ with the Animals
  8. ‘Venom 2’ Gets a Second Villain With Shriek, Carnage’s Longtime Love Interest
  9. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Are Forcing Another ‘Murder Mystery’ On Us
  10. ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Search for the Tree of Life