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Just in time for the new release Yesterday, director Danny Boyle and writer Richard Curtis’s celebration of the enduring music of The Beatles, we are joined by the fantastic singer/songwriter Kevin Andrew Prchal, for an episode-length conversation about what the movie tells us about performance, music stardom, and the legacy of the iconic rock band.

Be sure to stick around to the end of the episode to hear Settling Cliches from the album “Eat Shirt and Tie” and Look Me in the Eye from the album “Love & Summer”.

Check out the trailer for Yesterday here!

In Worth Mentioning we cover our favorite movies of June: Toy Story 4, Child’s Play and Rocketman (technically a May release). Thanks to Patreon Jaidan Vanmali, we also had the chance to watch All That Heaven Allows.

Show Notes:
00:06:00 – Rocketman
00:12:04 – Child’s Play
00:17:05 – Toy Story 4
00:29:20 – All That Heaven Allows
00:42:16 – Guest Kevin Andrew Prchal joins the show to talk Yesterday
01:50:16 – Bonus Content: Settling Cliches // Look Me in the Eye