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I’ll admit it, because I’m nothing if not honest, I had no idea who the director of Run, Aneesh Chaganty was by name (I still question how I got roped into this movie podcast thing, but anyway).  But then, I saw that he was the writer/director of Searching, which I really loved and suddenly, the pressure felt a bit greater.

Just a bit about Aneesh Chaganty

Sometimes you meet people and they just have a presence about them, a magnetic vibe, if you will.  I’m absolutely certain I had a weird grin plastered on my face for the entire entire interview (I won’t be playing it back to find out).

So this guy’s 29.

Aneesh Chaganty

When Chaganty was 23, he made a two minute short film called Seeds.  It quickly became an internet sensation and garnered more than 1 million YouTune views in 24 hours.  Following its success, Chaganty was invited to join the Google 5 team at Google Creative Lab in New York City. He spent two years writing and directing Google commercials.  After working on over 25 short films and videos, Chaganty directed his first feature film, Searching, which one the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at Sundance.

On his newest feature Run

Even though the spoilers come early, I will tread lightly for fear of exposing the twists! Run is a edgy thriller that follows Diane (Sarah Paulson) who gives birth very prematurely.  Seventeen years later, we find Diane living as the doting (micromanaging) mother of Chloe (Kiera Allen).  Chloe has a whole bevy of health issues, but in spite of her challenges, she is incredibly smart, self-sufficient and hell-bent on going away to college.

Sarah Paulson in Run

Like I said, Run quickly takes some really dark turns. You’re guaranteed to find your fists clenched, your heart pounding and maybe even your left arm pit a bit sweaty (is it weird that it’s only the one? I’ll get that checked out).

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