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When I was in my mid-twenties, I spent my days in a cubical, mindlessly tinkering with the calculator on my desk, figuring out how much I needed to save to retire at 40.  Sometimes, I would organize my post-it notes in rainbow color order, and the pens too, if I wasn’t too busy.  There was a coffee shop in my building, so every few hours, I’d sucker a co-worker into grabbing a caramel latte with me.  I’m horrified when I look back on these years, I mean, do you have any idea how many calories are in one of those lattes?!

Kourtney Bell on the other hand

Kourtney Bell knew she wanted to become an actress when she was 7. She developed a plan. She got involved in high school theatre.  Bell compromised with her parents, that she could pursue something in Hollywood, as long as it was agreed to that education was on the life plan. From there, Bell went on to study at the University of Michigan and majored in the arts, while balancing a few acting opportunities.  I’m always so envious of people whose goals are so clearly defined.  What I know for sure, is that Kourtney Bell would have absolutely known that multiple caramel lattes a day, wasn’t good for anybody.

Chatting with Bell was an absolute delight and she is so clearly poised for success.

Kourtney Bell

I will say, her polish led me astray a bit.  At one point in the interview we went down the path of childhood Hollywood crushes. Naturally, as a child of the 90’s I went with “Devon Sawa”….to which I could see her quickly searching her memory bank, for who the world he was.  A nervous moment later, she came back with “Noah Centineo” as hers…to which I agreed, while frantically searching my phone for a photo. Incidentally, this has turned into my first lie on an interview…I am actually not into the whole dark haired frat-guy look, at all.

A bit about Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back is the newest feature written and directed by Jeffery Reddick (writer of Final Destination). This supernatural thriller follows a young woman (Kourtney Bell) who is working through overcoming her traumatic past.  When she finds herself among several witnesses, who see a man fatally assaulted and don’t intervene, they find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out for revenge.

The film will push you to self-actualize.  If you were a bystander, witnessing something uncomfortable or even violent, would you step in? Would you run away? Would you film it?  Of course many of us think we would rip open our suit jackets donning the first letter of our name and heroically sweep in to save the day.  But the truth is, for most people, fear would supersede our best intentions.

For more, check out the  trailer.

We hope you enjoy this fun interview with Kourtney Bell, as much as we did.

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Don’t Look Back releases on VOD Friday, October 16th!