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Rob and I got into a marital tiff the other night because I made the claim that I never lie.  He didn’t agree.  He contests that I omit details in a way that leads people to believe something that isn’t true. That’s not lying right? That’s just a totally healthy need for people to like me.  So, in our interview with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, this plays out something like this, – “I have to tell you, in the first 2 minutes of Synchronic I was totally getting vibes of Midsommar…” and what I was about to say was “THANK GOD it wasn’t like that, because that movie was the WORST” but Moorhead jumped in to let me know that “If I loved Midsommar… I should definitely check out his film The Endless to which I replied, “Ooooh… I’ll definitely have to check that out!” But see, I didn’t say what movie or when I would be checking it out…so see? Not a lie. (Edit: It turns out, I’ve see The Endless…shhh don’t tell)

A bit about Synchronic

Two friends Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan) are best friends and are working as paramedics on the night shift.  They begin to encounter a series of strange deaths and people in hypnotic-like states that they link to a new designer drug, Synchronic.

In the mix of all of this Dennis’s daughter Brianna (Ally Ioannides) goes missing and the story unravels the more details about this trending drug and it’s true effects. Time travel!

Steve discovers something about himself that motivates him to buy up all the Synchronic in town to protect others, and to take it himself and chronicle how the pill works with different forms of ingestion, how it causes you to time travel with the goal of  discovering what happened to Brianna.

A bit about our interview with Justin Benson / Aaron Moorehead

Rob was super nervous about talking to the creative duo of Benson and Moorehead because he really admires their collective movie-making skills.  I had only seen parts of two of their previous films, because murder-horror-thrillers always have a way of lulling me into a good sleep.  This isn’t to say I don’t like their movies (I liked Spring), I’m just still an exhausted Mom, at the end of the day.

We really enjoyed catching up with Benson and Moorehead. Admittedly, we had a whole bevy of questions for them that we weren’t able to get to because of time constraints, but we hope you enjoy the time with had with this talented duo!

Synchronic trailer!

Synchronic releases on VOD October 23rd!

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