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5 episodes down, 1 to go! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1 E5, brings us… honestly, it’s hard to remember.  We recorded the episode 3 days ago and it’s already a blur.  If I’m remembering the high points correctly, it went something like: The fake Captain America gets relieved of his hero status and they ask nicely for him to return his shield whenever is convenient for him.  Then the Falcon decides to pass off his wings to Torres, begging the question of whether or not this will make his Super Hero name awkward (maybe Wingless Wonder? Un-wing? We’ll keep wordsmithing it a bit more). We get a random, but always welcome, cameo from “Elaine-from-Seinfeld” which only adds to the open questions that need to be resolved in this week’s final episode.  We were excited see Isaiah Bradley again, who provided some sage advice to The Falcon.  These keen insights from his experienced mentor are completely disregarded, leading to a strange (and very lengthy) training montage that indicates Captain America’s shield can be easily wielded by, just about everyone. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1 E5 has continued to bring us new characters and at this point we think it’s best bet for ending would be to conclude like The Bob Newhart Show. We shall see!

In our shows Worth Mentioning segment, we get a little personal comfort food, if you will.  Brennan brings his thoughts on The Office (which is probably retro for him, while Rob and I watched them “live” back in the old days).  Rob talks about this super fun show Mythic Quest, which is basically the equivalent of The Office for gamers.  And my show, well, I don’t want to talk about it.

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