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I’m calling it now, I don’t think this is going to be my favorite show of all time (we can’t all be Friends), but nevertheless, we’re back with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1 E2, because it’s fun to commiserate about the flare and flaws that come with millions of Disney’s dollars.

Admittedly, we were feeling the love (well more like, a solid first date where nobody does anything creepy) for episode 1.  I don’t know if the high just wore off a bit, but we collectively were feeling a bit blaahhh about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1 E2.  If you’ve seen the episode, you be the judge if our thoughts jive with yours or if we just were feeding off of each others pessimism.

In other good news, my Dad reached out this week and after 3 short months of Rob telling him about Wandavision being on Disney+, he called to confirm how to login to his TV and wondered how to find WonderWanda. So what I’m saying is, this TV advocacy is really paying off.

We hope you’ll share your thoughts on the episode (or shows that you’re loving!!) in the comments or pre-submit your thoughts on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode we’re covering to to get in on the discussion!

Episodes will be released every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.


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