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The life of a dedicated Woody Allen apologist has gotten harder lately, and this is, ironically enough, because he finally came out with a really great film not that long ago. Back in 2002, when the recent examples of “good” Allen were Deconstructing Harry and Sweet and Lowdown, it was not so very hard to look somebody in the eye, and lie to them without a moment’s hesitation, “Hollywood Ending […]

And so another prestige season comes to a close, making the cinema safe for cheap romantic comedies and cheaper slasher films once more. Just four Fridays of Oscarbait between here and what I’m already taking to calling “RamboMonth.” Out of giddy anticipation, of course. Not really. 7.12.2007New Line is pitching money hand-over-fist to convince us that The Golden Compass and its presumptive sequels are the natural and inevitable heirs to […]

Drumroll…after the glut of Oscarbaiting year-end epics, Hollywood begins its annual three-month dumping of the crappiest of the crappy. Only thing is, with Oscar season producing as many misfires as it did this year, can January actually be any worse? 5.1.2007Apparently, the answer to that question is “yes,” or so I am led to believe by Code Name: The Cleaner, a film involving…oh, why bother with the plot? It’s a […]