Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

Primeval is a failure in virtually every way that a film can fail: it is not smart, it is not scary, and it is not funny, and a film about a 25-foot maneating crocodile named “Gustave” needs to be at least one of those things. Instead, it hits a near-perfect triple play of being precisely […]

I’m going to start off with the bold statement, and work my way back from there: Clint Eastwood is one of the greatest working American filmmakers. This is not, mind you, the petulance of a Mystic River/Million Dollar Baby fanboy. To some degree, I’ve thought something like that since long before either of those two […]

(Yeah, I promised this would be up yesterday. Anyone willing to come to Evanston and help me bake 10 batches of cookies before Friday has freedom to complain). Previously: Mel Gibson disappointed me with the degree to which Apocalypto wasn’t batshit insane. It takes approximately no searching whatsoever to find the conventional wisdom that Blood […]

The short version: Babel is a punishingly long movie. This is not an easy thing for me to say. I adored Amores perros, director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s first collaboration with writer Guillermo Arriaga, and while I had problems with their second film, 21 Grams, I still enjoyed it and recognised it as the product of […]

Presenting: the record for longest gap between my seeing a film and my reviewing it. Because I am fairly certain you’d all rather read about films that will probably only ever screen in America the one time than something you might actually, you know, see. The point being, my memory might be a touch shaky. […]

The Constant Gardener is the kind of brainy thriller that one expects from an adaption of John Le Carré, noted British spy novelist and ennui expert. This might just be the best of all the Le Carré films I’ve seen: like all of them it evinces a frustration at the Proper British Way, but here […]