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Oh, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. And I was just starting to like you, with the surprisingly competent Meet the Browns and the less-than-competent but intensely magnetic The Family That Preys back-to-back in 2008; and then you had to go and bring her back. That shrieking, inhuman Madea-thing. To make matters worse, you brought her back in […]

The second Tyler Perry film of 2008, The Family That Preys, and his fifth overall, is something of an outlier – it is one of the small number of films in his career not based upon a stage play, and it is the first of two (so far) to completely lack so much as a […]

Now, here is a situation I did not anticipate cropping up: I sort of liked Meet the Browns, Tyler Perry’s fourth feature as director, and one that is held in low regard among his films even by those who like the bulk of his work. Liked, not loved; it’s still awfully slight, and Perry’s shortcomings […]

When last we visited with Tyler Perry, he had just produced his third movie, and second as a director, Daddy’s Little Girls; it was the closest thing to a flop in his entire career. But by this point, the Tyler Perry Studios Money Machine had already become a big enough, self-sustaining entity onto itself that […]

It’s a bit silly to talk about a director’s sophomore feature as representing all sorts of breaks from his customary style; but hindsight permits us to observe that 2007’s Daddy’s Little Girls, the second film directed by Tyler Perry and the third he wrote, is something of an outlier. It is the first of his […]

Diary of a Mad Black Woman made a lot of money. Like, a whole lot, particularly relative to how much it did not cost to make. If one is in the position of a Lions Gate executive, and one has just released a film that cost practically nothing, and made a huge amount, what does […]

It’s really kind of odd when you reflect on it, given how much the man has become a national point of reference, but a mere seven years ago, white people had no idea who the hell Tyler Perry was. Leastways, I did not, nor did my white people friends. This fact is, and should be, […]