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For the first beat of his first theatrical feature, Tony Scott made no little choices. When the little brother of Blade Runner and Alien mastermind Ridley Scott made the leap from television commercials to cinema with 1983’s The Hunger, he opened that film with one of the most in-your-face gestures of uncut style to be […]

It being Thanksgiving weekend, and thus the time of year for being thankful, I figured I would at long last express my gratitude towards the last three contributors to the Carry On Campaign, who all requested an essay that I was unable to achieve in a timely fashion for one reason or another. The first […]

Tony Scott’s films, at their worst, are shallow, shiny baubles, all incident and no meaning, aiming to distract the audience by deadening them with a non-stop assault of noise and flashy images. This also describes Tony Scott’s films at their best. The difference between the two poles is one of incredibly subtle degree, and also […]

It would be quite inaccurate to say that I loved the new Taking of Pelham 1 2 3; it’s a bit of a stretch to even say that I liked it. But I did find it to be frequently entertaining and enjoyable in the way that sound and fury can be entertaining of a summer’s […]