Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

The Hateful Eight, sure enough, is about hate. I can’t recall the last movie so explicitly about how all of its characters, and by extension the society that they are a part of, are irredeemably evil, and I certainly can’t recall the last one that has such a jolly mood about it. This movie, if […]

First the easy, if depressing part: Django Unchained is easily the least impressive feature film yet made by director Quentin Tarantino. Nothing to do with what it does or does not say about racism in America, or the liberties it takes in turning a very tender period of history into a violent exploitation film, or […]

Inglourious Basterds is a marvel, at least. Like it or hate it or worship it, I’m pretty sure that you’ve never seen anything like it. I know, because I have seen many films just like it, and I still haven’t seen anything like it. But that’s what makes Quentin Tarantino the man he is: there’s […]

Part I: A Masterpiece of the Post-Aesthetic I hope you’ll humor me in a bit of indulgence, if I find it necessary to begin with a discussion of an annual bad movie marathon that takes place every January in the suburbs of Chicago. It’s impossible for anyone who has never been to B-Fest to understand […]