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Thank the movie gods for Miguel Gomes and his Berlinale prize-winner Tabu for coming along at the eleventh hour to save the 2012 film year. The best prestige release season in years was fine and all, but one does start to get to putting together the ol’ Top 10 list and relalise with disappointment how […]

Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira is 103 years old – just turned 103 a few days before I write this, in fact. I lead with this because every review of a de Oliveira film is forced to reckon with this fact, on account of every single time he makes a movie, it sets a record […]

My interest in seeing Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl was primarily historical: it is the first time in history that a film was made by a 100-year-old director, Portugal’s Manoel de Oliveira. His first film, a short documentary, was released 78 years ago, meaning that not only is de Oliveira himself the oldest filmmaker […]