Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

If you absolutely must see a new-release movie this weekend, your choice is between Sex and the City 2, a reductive and insulting view of femininity-as-commodity laced with a stunning undercurrent of reflexive American cultural superiority that creaks along for 146 unending minutes; or you can see something bad. Okay, fair is fair, I’d be […]

Nine years ago, in the cinematic annus mirabilis of 1999, two of the movies that did the most to get the hearts and minds of the American male adolescent pumping were Fight Club and The Matrix, the first a fable about the restoration of Western masculinity, the second a thing, with the bullet-time (and there […]

Pity the biopic. It’s easy – perhaps even obligatory – to criticize a film for being a retread of the same old tired “boy gets fame, boy gets drugs, boy is heartwarmingly redeemed,” but when a film breaks away from that, it turns out to be just as easy to complain that nothing happens. The […]