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If I may: Jesus Christ, Zac Efron. I think The Lucky One finally, definitively proves it: he is the dullest, least charismatic of all the twentysomething kinda sorta vaguely movie stars but probably not really. Even Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, fuck, even Taylor Lautner have an easier time making the camera love them. In […]

Holy balls, The Last Song is a terrible movie. Should this be surprising? No: Miley Cyrus + Nicholas Sparks + the autocratic hand of the Walt Disney Company. But am I surprised? I don’t know. Maybe. A little. Stunned is a better word, perhaps; like taking a frisbee to the back of the head and […]

Some fun facts for y’all: Dear John, the first of two Nicholas Sparks adaptations from the first quarter of 2010, and the fifth overall, was the very first to open in the #1 at the U.S. box office. In doing so, it became the Lost in Space of the 21st Century, by standing proud and […]

Nights in Rodanthe, the novel, is a holy terror, and possibly the worst book of Nicholas Sparks’s “early” period, though I really don’t have any idea where I’d set the end date on such a epoch, any more than I know if we’re presently in Sparks’s “middle” or “late” period, with my pessimistic suspicions favoring […]

The Notebook is by most any objective standard the pinnacle of Nicholas Sparks adaptations. It made the most money, for one, which is almost certainly why it’s the one that is almost always used in the ads for Sparks adaptations (i.e. “From the author of The Notebook“). It remains the best-reviewed by professional critics, and […]

The most important thing to note is this: the 1999 A Walk to Remember, author Nicholas Sparks’s third novel, takes place in 1958 and 1959, while the 2002 A Walk to Remember, director Adam Shankman’s second feature, and the leading lady debut of teen-pop icon Mandy Moore, takes place more or less in 2001. This […]

Nicholas Sparks’s first published novel, The Notebook, was introduced to the world in 1996, when the author was 30, and it very quickly became a bestseller; but though it was eventually turned into a reasonably successful and loved-by-some movie, it was not the first of his works to be filmed (nor the second, but let’s […]