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There have been a fair number of reviewers comparing Devil’s Due with Rosemary’s Baby, which is fair on the grounds that none of the glut of “pregnant with Satan’s baby” movies made in the intervening 46 years have penetrated remotely as far into the cultural consciousness; but subgenre is absolutely the only the thing that […]

Spinoff my balls: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones belongs firmly in the mainline continuity of a franchise that now reaches its fifth entry in the most pandering and condescending way I can imagine. Latinos are a reliable audience for this franchise? Then throw some Latinos at it. Incomprehensibly-written demons don’t care what skin color you […]

V/H/S/2 begins with a scene of a seedy private eye (Lawrence Michael Levine) recording two people about to have sex in a hotel room. This event does not inform anything in the rest of the movie; it doesn’t even introduce us to the character of the P.I., who’ll be more formally set-up in the very […]

The blogger having been an unusually lazy homebody this year, Antagony & Ecstasy’s annual marathon of movies we missed out on during their theatrical release shall begin extra-early this year. And what better place to start my catalogue of the movies I missed in 2013 than with the very first movie I missed in 2013, […]

The found footage horror movie, birthed by 1999’s The Blair Witch Project and thrust into the big time by 2008’s Cloverfield, burned itself out rather quickly, as will happen to a genre so cheap that you need neither a good idea nor talent to whip together something which enough damn fools will trudge out to […]

We’re all familiar, I’m sure, with the movie trailer that includes all of the best parts: the funniest gags in a comedy, the loudest explosions in an action film, the spookiest jump scare in a horror film. But Paranormal Activity 4 is something different and exciting: a movie with the trailer that includes the best […]

My dislike for End of Watch, as I must confess out front, is wildly disproportionate to its dramatic sins, which certainly exist but are, as such things go, not crushing, and more than compensated for by its significant merits of characterisation. What we have here is a pretty basic thing: an off-the-shelf buddy cop movie […]

The pity is that Chronicle is an okay movie. A simple one, and a wildly unoriginal one – the highest praise I can think of is that it’s best parts are almost exactly like the best parts of Carrie. But originality ain’t always all that and a bag of chips, and a good Carrie knockoff […]

If the stupid people are right and 2012 ends up being the last year of human existence, it could hardly have gotten off to a more appropriate start than The Devil Inside, which suggests at least this much: the race for Worst Film of the Year is going to be extremely competitive. Here is how […]

Not since the glorious Halloween devolved into the insipid Halloween II three decades ago has a horror franchise managed to squander all of its early potential in quite as few steps as the Paranormal Activity movies: Oren Peli’s 2009 original* was a simple machine perfectly-designed to be as scary as it possibly could; 2010′ Paranormal […]

It’s quite obvious that a lot of love went into making Apollo 18, so it’s a real shame that Apollo 18 is the result. That is to say: the movie is so utterly broken at a conceptual level that a truly good film was completely out of the question, and yet director Gonzalo López-Gallego flung […]

The first-person horror movement born in the wake of The Blair Witch Project has resulted in movies as good as Paranormal Activity and as bad as Paranormal Activity 2, but all up and down the chain of quality, one thing has remained constant: virtually all of these movies are interesting primarily because they are shot […]