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In ten feature-length documentaries made over a 35-year span, Errol Morris has played with different styles, different tones, different genres (he is, in no small part, the reason we can speak about “different genres” of documentary film in the first place), and different intentions, but one thing has remained constant. Ten times out of ten, […]

Errol Morris made his name as a documentarian on a run of captivating films about remarkably weird human beings: Gates of Heaven, Vernon, Florida, and the like. But after the success of his mesmerising television series First Person in the early years of the ’00s, he did as so many liberal filmmakers did in the […]

Errol Morris, long one of the most distinctive stylists in the world of documentary filmmaking, has finally done something I never expected him to do: he’s allowed his style to trump all substance, releasing his first unnecessary film. In the past, Morris has made quite a name for himself as a chronicler of the offbeat […]