Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

Roland Emmerich’s newest disaster epic 2012 is absolutely a bad film, and it would be a disservice for me to argue otherwise. At the same time, it’s so deliciously trashy in its badness that it’s actually a bit of fun if you go in ready to laugh; whether with the film or at it, I’d […]

Here’s a hypothetical for you: suppose that there is a director who is – fully justifying a much-abused noun – a “visionary”. Does that director have the ability to save a film from itself? Not, unfortunately, in the case of Alex Proyas’s Knowing, although in this particular case, there are some caveats. This isn’t simply […]

First, a small thought piece: why art? One of the main reasons that we have narrative – certainly not the only one, but a big one – is to create an environment where we as a society can confront our anxieties. You see this in the common idea that all art reflects the culture in […]

Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to dogpile on the summer’s first outright flop, Evan Almighty, any more than has already been done. I don’t know what I could add, anyway: every single review has already mentioned that the film sucks because Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) has been twisted from the smug asshole […]

A mini-commentary on remake mentality: If you spend enough time around people who don’t know all that much about the film industry, one of the complaints you hear a lot is the question, “why do they always have to remake movies? Don’t they have any new ideas?” To the second of these, I can only […]