Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

Justin Wiemer’s contribution to the Carry On Campaign included the desire that I should review a movie that, to put it gently, hasn’t ever been terribly much in my favor. I will honestly admit that in rewatching it for the first time in a decade, I was forced to upgrade it from “no damn good” […]

I know Josh Hime to be a good man, and I knew this even before he publicly gave to charity in the form of the Carry On Campaign. And yet, this good man has done something terrible to me, in punishment for what sin I do not know. Whatever it was, I am truly sorry. […]

Robert Hamer’s contribution to the Carry On Campaign brought along with it something of a present: a plausible excuse to write about a movie that I will admit to enjoying far beyond any defensible reason. Of course, it’s actually a pretty fine piece of cinema, but my affection is mired rather more in space travel […]

Reader Geoffrey Moses – better known as regular commenter GeoX – upon donating to the Carry On Campaign, directed me to review a movie he vaguely and ominously described as “interesting”. It’s at least that, a fascinatingly, willfully dysfunctional action thriller that I’d always avoided on the assumption that it was as boilerplate as it […]

With his contribution to the Carry On Campaign, Stephen Swartz set me the task of doing his dirty laundry: watch a movie he couldn’t bring himself to try. That was a long time ago, and I’d guess he’s seen it by now, but frankly, I didn’t want to watch it either. Still, I guess I […]

Ray Schmit’s contribution to the Carry On Campaign was in service to seeing a review of one of his favorite childhood movies. Which is, I think, dangerous ground, but in this case I happened to rather like the movie he picked, though it was by no means part of my own childhood. You lucked out […]

The second of two reviews request by Kara Wild with her donations to the Carry On Campaign; the first is here. Well do I remember when The Prince of Egypt opened: for it was 18 December, 1998, which happened to be my 17th birthday,* and I recall my mother asking if I wanted to see […]

Kara Wild’s donations to the Carry On Campaign were in service of a double feature of animated features from a critical point in the commercial history of American animation: two competing studios’ attempts to out-Disney Disney when the Mouse House was just about to topple from the position it at held for over 60 years […]

Being a concerned friend, when Mark Kreutzer donated to the Carry On Campaign, it was with the express intent of filling a terrible gap in my 1980s romantic-comedy education. To which I can only say that I now owe him a debt of gratitude; for quite a gap it was, and glad I am to […]

Chris Walters included a list of possible reviews along with his Carry On Campaign donation, and I used the excuse to fill one of the more embarrassing holes in my film viewing history. My thanks to him for letting me cover my ass. Remember after Out of Africa came out, how there was that huge […]

Vianney Boncorps donated to the Carry On Campaign to make me review one of his favorite films, trusting that I’d do right by it. And now I owe him thanks for introducing me to one of the finest costume dramas from its decade. The life of 17th Century soldier-poet Hector-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac was […]

While Jeepers Creepers managed to find some level of acclaim among the monster-movie faithful and even a tiny slice of mainstream critics, who were perhaps seduced by the name of executive producer Francis Ford Coppola, even as it was largely dismissed by society at large, Jeepers Creepers 2 managed to lose some of the people […]