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The second-to-last of my long-overdue conclusion to the Carry On Campaign requests is courtesy of Vianney Boncorps, who donated twice and requested two reviews, the second of which proved awfully tricky to manage, for the unanswerable reason that the movie has never been released in the United States in any format and doesn’t seem to […]

It being Thanksgiving weekend, and thus the time of year for being thankful, I figured I would at long last express my gratitude towards the last three contributors to the Carry On Campaign, who all requested an essay that I was unable to achieve in a timely fashion for one reason or another. The first […]

Jessica Brown’s delayed pick for a Carry On Campaign review was actually a list of possibilities, of which I made this choice for selfish reasons: I really love the movie and had never come up with a plausible excuse to review it. Which is turning into a bit of a theme with these. Anyway, it’s […]

Matt Henderson donated to the Carry On Campaign with these words: “No real essay to commission, but I will gently nudge you into considering a Malick retrospective”. Absolutely no nudge was necessary: I’ve been planning on doing this ever since the day The Tree of Life was announced. Still, I’m glad to dedicate the following […]

Kevin Olson made his donation to the Carry On Campaign a long time ago, but only recently made up his mind what review he wanted. Given our shared love of Italian horror, it’s no surprise he went that direction; but I owe him a debt of gratitude for introducing me not just to a movie […]

Nathan Morrow managed to sneak his donation in at the last minute to become the final person to donate to the Carry On Campaign – though he wasn’t the final person to put in a request. His pick is a movie I’ve adored for ages, though I never quite got around to making an excuse […]

Don’t let that donation to the Carry On Campaign fool you – Pat King is a terrible, terrible human being. Just look at what he’s making me watch. I kid, Pat’s one of my favorites, even if he is a total asshole. So here we are again, wondering what the hell is the deal with […]

Marc Lummis, one of the finest folks I’ve known for age, wanted to dedicate his Carry On Campaign review request to Caroline Rinaldy, one of the finest folks I’ve met in the last couple of years. It gives me great pleasure to so dedicate. For a quote-ready teen comedy driven by endless pop-culture references and […]

Reader Tess LeBlanc deserves an apology: I managed to lose the e-mail in which she made her request for a review as part of the Carry On Campaign. At long last, I have made good on my promise to her. I owe Paul Thomas Anderson and his 1999 feature Magnolia an apology: my memory of […]

Repulsion is British production by a Franco-Polish director, headlined by an up-and-coming French starlet, with a hallucinatory visual scheme that’s equal parts Eastern European surrealism and Italian phantasmagoria. A combination that could only come about in the ’60s, and really, every element of the film is so utterly perfect for its instant in the Zeitgeist, […]

It’s become a sort of theme week: I get to review movies that I don’t particularly care for at the request of people who loved them. In this case, the Carry On Campaign donation that put this particular movie at my doorstep was courtesy of Jonathan Volk, a good human being and friend who at […]

Ellen Shapiro’s donation to the Carry On Campaign offered a choice: either her favorite movie of all time, or one of the worst movies she’d ever seen. Gratefully, I elect the former – there’s plenty of rarefied crap still to come, and her favorite happens to be a film I’ve always particularly enjoyed. “This is […]