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In the latter half of the 2010s, “it’s like an episode of Black Mirror” has replaced “it’s like Philip K. Dick” as the hackiest, laziest way you can describe any work of science fiction. But Anon courts that comparison more vigorously than most. Not just because it’s a satiric treatment of contemporary social ills in […]

A review requested by Erin, with thanks to supporting Alternate Ending as a donor through Patreon. Do you have a movie you’d like to see reviewed? This and other perks can be found on our Patreon page! The first thing likely to kill any modern performance of William Shakespeare’s plays is the line reading. This […]

Chalk up another victory for the evergreen “non-Americans understand America better than Americans” genre. Lean on Pete has an English writer-director and an English producer, it was made using only British money, and it is the most clearheaded, unsentimental portrayal of the perilous life of poor Americans living outside of the social mainstream since 2016’s […]

It’s one thing to say “this is a dark comedy”. It’s quite another to come face-to-face with a comedy that has the word “death” right there in the title. So if I were to say, for example, that The Death of Stalin is a dark comedy, I’m not telling you the half of it. It’s […]

A 7-years-later sequel to Gnomeo & Juliet sounds like a joke, I would say. Except it doesn’t even. If it were a joke, it would be one with a punchline that nobody could get, because who the hell remembers that Gnomeo & Juliet exists? It’s an entry in a spirited game of “who can remember […]

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool was maybe the most Oscarbaity Oscarbait of 2017,* and to a large extent it lives down to that expectation. It’s the story of how 57-year-old Gloria Grahame (Annette Bening), Oscar-winning actress and star of at least two rock-solid film noir masterpieces (1950’s In a Lonely Place, directed by her […]

Paddington 2 is the safest, most satisfying kind of sequel.ย  If you liked 2014’s Paddington – and if you didn’t, you should know that I am instantly a little bit suspicious of you – you will almost certainly like Paddington 2, because it is almost entirely the same movie. The biggest single difference is that […]

In these times of great social change and a rapidly-shifting baseline for how cinema attempts to position itself in the world, Darkest Hour is comfortingly reactionary bit of nothing. I don’t in anyway refer to its content, though that is too; I’m simply referring to how very much this feels like something that somebody might […]

2017 has been a big year for British-made (or at least, British director-made) movies about World War II, and it takes a lot to be the most fucking stupid out of all of them. But Churchill, written by Alex von Tunzelmann and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, is amply up to the task. I hope we […]

The world needed a new My Cousin Rachel. Daphne Du Maurier’s 1951 novel of paranoid Gothic romance* was adapted into a perfectly adequate 1952 film most notable for being the American debut of Richard Burton; it’s perfectly enjoyable as a melodramatic mystery (non-fans of Olivia de Havilland might want to convert that “perfectly” to “slightly”), […]

First things first: David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike are just luminous together onscreen. As the central couple of A United Kingdom, they’re bound by the conventions of both the genre (prim, awards-courting, real-life message movies) and by the time the story is set (England and the British Empire in the 1940s and 1950s), and so […]

A review requested by reader WBTN, with thanks for supporting Alternate Ending as a donor through Patreon. Do you have a movie you’d like to see reviewed? This and other perks can be found on our Patreon page! The 1961 British film The Innocents – which is either a horror film about ghosts or a […]