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One thing that nobody can take away from Bacurau, the third feature directed by Brazilian art house favorite Kleber Mendonça Filho (co-directing here alongside his former production designer Juliano Dornelles): it’s unpredictable. The film wear so many hats over the course of its 131 minutes, sometimes wearing them on top of each other, that it’s […]

Screens at CIFF: 10/11 & 10/13World premiere: 10 February, 2014, Berlin International Film Festival I will concede up front that to a certain type of viewer, and it is the type that I am, there’s no way to describe Brazilian director Daniel Ribeiro’s feature debut The Way He Looks that makes it sound tolerable. Or […]

There is what we might call the “Dirty Harry Rule of Sequels”, except that I’m not at all sure that there are more than just the two examples I’m about to name, and two isn’t enough for a rule. BUT ANYWAY, when that movie came out in 1971, it was famously described as fascist, and […]

Screens at CIFF: 10/7 & 10/8 & 10/15 World Premiere: 12 August, 2011, Festival de Cinema de Gramado One of the unalloyed delights of any film festival of a decent size & in possession of a well-appointed selection committee is that it gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see things you otherwise might never have […]

If the 2007 Brazilian cops-and-druglords flick Elite Squad got any kind of U.S. release, I completely missed it. But if it didn’t, I imagine it’s not going to, at least not to judge from the Region 1 DVD that got released in October, something I learned completely by accident a little while ago. Maybe it’s […]

(An FYI: the reviews will be occasionally shorter and shallower than we’re all used to, as I see 3-4 movies a day and have little time at my computer. Here is the first example). I think that “fable” is an awfully convenient word to use, when you want to say “this is a frankly unbelievable […]