Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time

It’s all right there in the title, a simple little thing that sounds as sensible as a well-fitting pair of shoes: Varda by Agnès. As in “Varda”, the filmmaking career of one of the all-time greats, a master director if ever a director was a master, someone who has more than earned the right to […]

I cannot tell you about the moments in Faces Places that brought me the most happiness. This is partially because those moments are clustered in the film’s last 30 minutes, and they are far too wonderful in their little surprises for me to dare spoil them. This is partially, also, because they are so pure […]

I’m not inclined to recommend movies on fuzzy humanist grounds, but The Beaches of Agnès is the kind of film that will make you feel better about cinema, humanity, and life itself. It’s been years since anything has come out with the same messy vitality of this memoir-documentary, and if you are able to walk […]