Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time


Growing up, I was a much different movie consumer than I am now.  If I did see a movie, it was likely in theaters and we’re being honest, I was probably there for one of two things; Matt Damon making an appearance or a hankering for butter slathered popcorn and Cherry Coke.  Over the years, I’ve evolved, become more refined.  As a casual movie consumer, I now go to theaters for butter slathered popcorn and wine.

So, what you can expect from the casual-movie-going, Mom, child-of-the-80’s, frugal-ish movie podcaster?  Not much.

It’s unlikely that I will know the cool camera technique a director executed flawlessly.  I’m definitely not going to know any weird nerdy theater terminology and I’m 100% certain I will flub the names of most of the actors I reference.  However, if it means I have chance to sit for an uninterrupted hour and talk about something other than the most recent diaper blow-out or kid tantrum, while drinking an awkwardly large glass of wine, I’ll always take it.