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With a big thank you to Patreon subscriber Carter, we officially had the most fun we’ve had in a LONG TIME covering our Top 5 belated sequels.  Despite having more overlap than we’ve had in awhile, we still manage to find ourselves carefully belittling each others picks.  You know, like real friends do. We had a lot to catch up on and lots of news to share! In worth mentioning, […]

Today and tomorrow shall bear witness to the fruits of my half-year Bond marathon: a collection of lists, ranking the franchise in various categories. Because if there’s one thing we love even more than big damn retrospectives here at Antagony & Ecstasy, it’s following big damn retrospectives with lists. First up: the most important ingredient in any Bond picture, the bad guys, from the vibrantly psychopathic to the unspeakably bland, […]

A guide to this blog’s James Bond marathon can be found right here. LIVE AND LET DIEDirected by Guy HamiltonWritten by Tom MankiewiczPremiered 27 June, 1973 PRE-TITLE SEQUENCEIn the very first opening sequence in the whole franchise where James Bond doesn’t appear, even in the form of a doppelganger (viz. From Russia with Love), we are tossed into the first stirrings of quite a wicked scheme indeed: in the span […]

Star Wars is typically held to have ruined American movies, by turning Hollywood’s eye away from the narratively and structurally complex, character-driven films that dominated the 1970s, in favor of big, loud, effects-driven epics that all start to look a whole lot like one another once you’ve seen enough of them. And when you put it that way, sure, it seems pretty damn awful. But there’s a good side to […]

Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep?To the very toes he is terrified,Because the ground gives way under him,And the dream begins… -Friedrich Nietzche,The first epigraph to Freddy’s Dead Welcome to Prime Time, bitch. -Freddy Krueger,The second epigraph to Freddy’s Dead Aw, fuck. -Me 1989: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child puked its way in and out of theaters and made practically no money. […]