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On paper, almost nothing is actually good about Happy Death Day. And yet, almost certainly, it gave me more pleasure to watch it than any other 2017 horror movie. On such paradoxes is a love of art founded. Although I’m being a bit dismissive. While most everything about Happy Death Day can be accurately predicted […]

There’s absolutely no reason to expect much of The Ice Cream Truck, and maybe it’s for that reason that I found it to be such a fetching affair. In at least two very noticeable respects, the film flagrantly boasts the limitations of its teeny-weeny budget: the dialogue, particularly in outdoor scenes, has the unmissable, overly […]

When they write the histories of the cannibal film, many years from now, they’ll have to save a whole chapter for Raw. It’s a right marvel all the way around: it has the unapologetic, unblinking gore of the all the most sordid examples of Italian cannibal films from the late ’70s and early ’80s,* but […]

29 years ago, when Child’s Play was young, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed if you suggested that the movie would even be remembered in a decade, let alone three; and I would laughed all the harder if you suggested that there it was going to birth the strongest movie franchise of all […]

If nothing else, Friend Request has the decency to be a fascinating object. Not a fascinating film, let me please clarify that right off. It’s all in the weirdly unclassifiable thing that the project is. This is an entirely German production, directed by Simon Verhoeven, scion of a fairly well-established directing family (no relationship to […]

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A review requested by reader WBTN, with thanks for supporting Alternate Ending as a donor through Patreon. Do you have a movie you’d like to see reviewed? This and other perks can be found on our Patreon page! The 1961 British film The Innocents – which is either a horror film about ghosts or a […]

A film called Amityville Exorcism was just about inevitable, and the only surprise is that it took until January 2017 for somebody to release it. Time alone will tell how long we have to wait for Amityville Halloween and The Amityville Chainsaw Massacre – the heaving glut of microbudget Amitvyilles has slowed down at the […]

The odds against horror movies adapted from the novels and short stories of Stephen King are not favorable; it might well be the case that only Carrie from 1976 and The Shining from 1980 (the first and third King adaptations of any kind) are so obviously, objectively good that you can get away calling them […]

So, at the start of Amityville: No Escape, this bullshit happens: And there’s a lot we could say about that, no doubt, but I’ll tell you what really gets to me: “inauspicious?” Yeah, I mean that’s one word for it. Assuming the the haunting is what ruins an otherwise elegant dinner party, or something. Point #2 […]

The two-part TV miniseries Salem’s Lot, the second film ever adapted from the writings of Stephen King, premiered on CBS in November, 1979, and other than a scant handful of anthology series episodes, that was it for King on television for eleven years. The two-part TV miniseries It premiered on ABC in November, 1990, and […]

Of all the movies over the years that have brazenly ripped off Alien, Life sure is one of them. At least it has this going on in its favor: it cost more than a lot of its brethren, and so it looks shinier and sleeker. If there are to be no inventive moments and no […]

When one gets neck-deep in the muck of persistently godawful cinema – as one must certainly have done as a prerequisite for ever supposing that watching The Amityville Terror, from 2016, is a good idea – little things start to seem really important. Like you need to grab onto something, if this is going to […]