Update 6/16/17: Only 10 left, and looking good to have it all finished up by the 4th of July, give or take one that might be a little harder to get handled than the rest.

Previously: Drumroll - the 2015 Second Quinquennial Antagony & Ecstasy Cancer Fundraiser has ended, with a total of 173 donations reaching the AMAZING total of $5360 raised for the American Cancer Society and other cancer research foundations. That's almost four and a half times the total we raised in 2010! So a huge round of applause to everybody who gave.

It's especially gratifying for me to announce this at this point in time: quite by coincidence, on 18 June 2015, shortly before the fundraiser ended, I was given the all-clear by my oncologist. After 10 years without a trace of cancer in my body, I'm completely out of the woods and don't ever have to go back for a check-up. So this day isn't just exciting to me for the sheer fact of the fundraiser; it's personal celebration too.

Thank you again to everyone who donated, for making this such a roaring success.

List of Donors
-Requested The Day of the Crows
-Requested 2016: Obama's America
-Requested Cuba
-Requested Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie Trilogy
-Requested Jackie's in Trouble
-Requested Jeremiah Johnson
-Requested Ugetsu
-Also requested Rashomon
-Also requested Floating Weeds
-Requested Diva
-Requested Wadjda
-Also requested Rock-a-Doodle
Alex, Greece
-Requested Attenberg
Alison, Canada
-Requested Madonna: Truth or Dare
Hunter Allen, United States
-Requested Rope
Jordyn Auvil, United States
-Requested The English Patient
Jenny B, United Kingdom
-Requested To Be or Not to Be
Kaitlyn B, United States
-Requested The Night of the Hunter
Rich B, United States
-Requested One, Two, Three
Vianney B, California, United States
-Requested The City of Lost Children
-Also requested Delicatessen
Arlo Banta, New York, NY, United States
-Requested Over the Garden Wall
Will Beckley, New York, NY, United States
Beef Jerky Guy
-Requested The Wizard of Speed and Time
Matthew Blackwell, Edmonton, AB, Canada
-Requested Vertigo
Branden, Tri-Cities
-Requested The American Friend
Tim Brayton, Trieste-Zürich-Madison
Teo Bugbee, United States
-Requested Quartet (1981)
Zev Burrows, Owings Mills, MD, United States
-Requested The Natural
-Also requested The Last of Sheila
-Also requested Stavisky...
Bryan C, Columbus, OH, United States
-Requested Happy Together
Grace C, Auckland, New Zealand
-Requested Mortdecai
CJ, San Francisco, CA, United States
-Requested My Beautiful Laundrette
Cammy, Melbourne, Australia
-Requested High Fidelity
-Also requested Gattaca
Coco, New York, NY, United States
-Requested The Milk of Sorrow
Marshall Y. Craig, Pennsylvania, United States
-Requested a list of the ten best avant-garde films
James Cronan, Glasgow, United Kingdom
-Requested Tokyo Story
Alex D, Sydney, Australia
-Requested Fight Club
Anna D, New Zealand
-Requested What We Do in the Shadows
Chris D, Victoria, Australia
-Requested The End of Evangelion
-Also requested Battle Royale
Julian D, St. Louis, MO, United States
-Requested The Passenger
-Also requested The Lady Eve
Scott D, Florida, United States
-Requested The Wild Bunch
Mat Daniel, New Zealand
-Requested The Trial
Nick Davis, Chicago, IL, United States
-Did not request Frances, but got it anyway
Deeper Understanding
-Requested The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom
Trevor Downs
-Requested Labyrinth
Nik Evans, Seattle, WA
-Requested Laura
Brian F, United States
Requested The Night of a Thousand Cats
Dave F, United States
-Requested Four Lions
Tristan F, United Kingdom
-Requested The Last Unicorn
Mark Falconer, New York, NY, United States
-Requestd A Star Is Born [1954]
Jakob G, United States
-Requested Baraka
Salim "STinG" Garami, Miami, FL, United States
-Requested Class of 1984
Mike Gibson, Fall Church, VA
-Requested Se7en
Rob Graham, Ewing, NJ
-Requested Messiah of Evil
David Greenwood, Alice Springs, Australia
-Requested L'âge d'or
-Also requested Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
John Grimes, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
-Requested Foodfight!
Ben Gruchow, United States
-Requested Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Kent H, San Francisco, CA, United States
-Requested Escape from New York
-Also requested The Fog
Shoumik H, Dhaka, Bangladesh
-Requested Romancing in Thin Air
Tim H, Washington, DC, United States
-Requested Grosse Pointe Blank
Robert Hamer, Norfolk, VA, United States
Thomas Hartwell, Phoenix, AZ, United States
-Requested Sweet Charity
Fedor Ilitchev
-Requested Umbrella
Robert J, United States
-Requested Roger Dodger
Ryan J, United States
-Requested Breathless
Jackie Theballcat
-Requested Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
-Also requested The Room
John, Lake Orion, MI, United States
-Requested Almost Famous
Andrew Johnson, San Diego, CA, United States
-Requested Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
-Also requested Duel
-Also requested The Time Machine (1960)
-Also requested Runaway Train
Kari Johnson, Utah, United States
-Requested Curious George
-Requested Big Deal on Madonna Street
Mark K, Chicago, IL, United States
-Requested The Blues Brothers
Robert K, California, United States
-Requested The Apple
KayMartha12, United States
-Requested Titan A.E.
Pat King, United States
-Requested Pearl Harbor
Bryan L, Chicago, IL, United States
-Requested Amadeus
Sara L, Tennessee, United States
-Requested Memories
-Also requested Princess Arete
-Also requested The Ring
David Lewellyng, Dyersburg, TN, United States
-Requested Space Jam
Liz, Virginia, United States
-Requested The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Aaron Loehrlein, Vancouver, BC, Canada
-Requested Trainspotting
Robert Lovejoy, Florida, United States
-Requested F for Fake
Marc Lummis, New York, NY, United States
-Requested The Conformist
John M, Denver, CO, United States
-Requested Shakes the Clown
Mark M, Cincinnati, OH, United States
-Requested The Maltese Falcon (1941)
Maciej, Brooklyn, NY, United States
-Requested Miracle in Milan
Brian Malbon, Alberta, Canada
-Requested Meet the Feebles
-Also requested Amélie
-Also requested The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-Requested The Woman Chaser
Eric "Sssonic" Mason, Massachusetts, United States
-Requested Versus
M.C., Chicago, IL
-Requested Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Max, New York, United States
-Requested Little Manhattan
McAlister, Florida, United States
-Requested Ball of Fire
James Miller, Manteo, NC, United States
-Requested The Swan Princess
Andrew Milne, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
-Requested A Bittersweet Life
-Also requested Black Dynamite
Nathan Morrow, Nashville, TN, United States
-Requested Mind Game
Geoffrey Moses, Casablanca, Morocco
-Requested The Lion in Winter
David N, Berkeley, CA, United States
-Requested Days of Eclipse
Travis Neeley, Austin, TX, United States
-Requested Phantom of the Paradise
-Also requested Speed Racer
David Nemes, Louisville, KY, United States
-Requested The Asphalt Jungle
-Also requested Yankee Doodle Dandy
Andy P, Arlington, VA, United States
-Requested Horrors of Malformed Men
Gabe P, San Francisco, CA, United States
-Requested Mulholland Dr.
-Also requested Drop Dead Gorgeous
James P, Minneapolis, MN, United States
-Requested Hope and Glory
Rachel P, Cleveland, OH, United States
-Requested Sense and Sensibility
Patton, Birmingham, AL, United States
-Requested Deep Blue Sea
Pip, United States
-Requested Galaxy Quest
Christopher Pufall, Los Angeles, CA, United States
-Requested Dances with Wolves
David Q, United States
-Requested The Exterminating Angel
Nathaniel R, New York, NY, United States
-Requested Love with the Proper Stranger
Michael R, Massachusetts, United States
-Requested Candyman
-Also requested Electric Dreams
Ryan R, Washington, United States
-Requested Valley of the Dolls
Monica Reida, Milwaukee, WI, United States
-Requested An American in Paris
K. Rice, South Carolina, United States
-Requested Paheli
-Also requested Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
-Also requested The Phantom of the Opera (1989)
-Also requested The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
T. Rice, Lexington, KY, United States
-Dedicatee of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
André Robichaud, Canada
-Requested Andrei Rublev
Thor Rudebeck, Chicago, IL, United States
-Requested When the Wind Blows
Daniel S, San Francisco, CA, United States
-Requested Coherence
Mia S, Canada
-Requested A Zed & Two Noughts
Rebecca S, Los Angeles, CA, United States
-Requested Toys
Scott, New Jersey, United States
-Requested Horus, Prince of the Sun
Frankie Shoup, Chicago, IL, United States
-Requested Akira
Carter Smith, Atlanta, GA, United States
-Requested Napoleon Dynamite
John Smith, Ontario, Canada
-Requested Our Miss Brooks
Jonathan Storey, London, United Kingdom
-Requested Dog Day Afternoon
Andy Stout, Pasadena, CA, United States
-Requested Martyrs
Steve T, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
-Requested When Harry Met Sally...
Will T, Georgia, United States
-Requested The Swarm
John Taylor, Toronto, ON, Canada
-Requested Grand Hotel
Andrew Testerman, Bozeman, MT, United States
-Requested Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
theizz, United States
-Requested Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Tyler Thibodeaux, Spring, TX, United States
-Requested Goodfellas
Allison Tooey, California, United States
-Requested Tales of the Night
Matt U, Sydney, Australia
-Requested Sideways
Zev Valancy, Chicago, IL, United States
Tim Van Autreve, Gent, Belgium
-Requested Manon of the Spring
Ben Verschoor, New York, United States
-Requested Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Chris W, Georgia, United States
-Requested Out of the Past
-Also requested Leaving Las Vegas
Lisa W, Canberra, Australia
-Requested Crackerjack
Phil Wiese, San Francisco, CA, United States
K. Wild, California, United States
-Requested Evita
-Also requested The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
Bryce Wilson, Austin, TX, United States
-Requested Rebuild of Evangelion
Caleb Wimble, Philadelpha, PA, United States
-Requested The Iron Giant
Nathaniel Winer, Bethesda, MD, United States
-Requested TiMER
Kin Wing Yan, Hong Kong
-Requested A Simple Life
Andrew Yankes, Pennsylvania, United States
-Requested Glengarry Glen Ross
-Also requested Tale of Tales